The Integrity and Ethics Program really laid out my own beliefs and
morals.  It confirmed everything I already knew.  I love the way the program was
designed to help give you the tools for life that are necessary for optimum
survival.  During the program there were activities that helped to strengthen my
skills and abilities that will help ensure my success in life even more.  I felt
prepared to go home, and I felt well set up and confident in succeeding, before
I began the Integrity Program.  I now feel even better equipped with a whole
layout and plan for a successful life–being my “true self.”  God has a plan for
each and every one of us.  My favorite chapter, Romans 12, says, “do not be
conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that
you may prove what is that good acceptable and perfect will of God.”  I try to
live my life by Romans 12 because it is so true and powerful.  The whole
Integrity Program reminded me of that chapter.  In the end it makes me want to
strive to keep my focus and my eye on the prize of a healthy, happy life.