We help people deal with life’s problems. We help you improve your abilities so you are better able to achieve your goals. We are extensively trained to help people with the many aspects of their personal, relationship, and career goals. We are “Life Coaches.” Our positive approach brings out the best in YOU. The negative aspects disappear. Your concerns, whatever they may be, are never too big or too small.We are constantly studying and learning the most effective methods of therapy. We help war veterans and others with PTSD issues. 

Our Philosophy

Mankind is basically good. As you focus on the goodness of you, the imperfections fall away. What you do not like about yourself is not you–it is something that has been added to you. What you like about yourself IS you. We help you move toward the ideal you–to YOUR satisfaction. We find this philosophy to be very workable.

Les and Anita Warren

Les and Anita Warren are pastoral counselors* as well as certified facilitators. We deliver a wide spectrum of personal services–From new public to people who are ready for advanced spiritual training and everything in between. Les is a certified TIRA.org trainer, therefore he can train people to become certified facilitators. We do our services from our serene location in Idaho and on various video chat modalities. Our remote clients have the luxury of saving travel expenses and having their work schedules uninterrupted. We have found this method to be quite workable. More and more clients are choosing this venue.

Mary Freeman

This is our Associate, Mary Freeman. Mary specializes in an Ethics and Integrity Program as well as advanced levels of spiritual awareness.

Contact Mary:

*Pastoral counseling is a branch of counseling in which ordained ministers, rabbis, priests and others provide therapy services. The therapists integrate modern psychological thought and method with traditional religious training. –Wikipedia