“I never knew what communication drills were before I started working with Les and Anita on them. I never realized how important GOOD communication is in our everyday life, and how much good communication is lacking now-a-days. Also, I learned you don’t have to respond in a harsh manner, even if someone said something really awful to you. You can just acknowledge you heard them and go on with your day! Amazing! The main thing I learned is I’m in control of how I react, confront, acknowledge, and communicate with people. I choose what or how I will respond. These drills have made me brighter, more aware of my thoughts, and a great communicator. I didn’t realize how well these drills incorporated in my life until recently I was faced (on the telephone) with a very tough situation. If I never learned these drills I would have flown off the handle. But I confronted it, analyzed it, and put it into good communication with the person I was dealing with. AND I felt fantastic after!” KH