“Life” Counseling

Do you normally do well in life but lately things are out of control? What problems or difficulties are you experiencing? Perhaps you have a dilemma? Maybe you had a recent loss? Are you are recovering from an illness or injury? Is there a relationship problem? Kids out of control? Problems in the workplace? You feel stressed out, fly off the handle and then regret it? Depressed? No energy?
Whichever it is, THAT is what we will take up and address. No problem is too large or too small.  Life Counseling is called that because it repairs the upsets, depressions, stresses, worries, and communication difficulties one has, resulting in a much happier life.

“Life Counseling” is a tailor made program specifically for YOU. In a private session we use techniques which mainly consist of asking  questions, getting the person to look into his mind for the answer, finding the answer, and giving the answer to the practitioner. The practitioner listens, acknowledges the person’s answers, but does not evaluate those answers. This process gets rid of barriers that inhibit a person’s abilities. The person becomes more able. His survival, happiness, and intelligence increase enormously.

First you will have a free consultation. We will tell you honestly if we believe we can help. Our counseling can be done on Skype or in person.  

Back on track

I recently had the occasion to receive counseling from Anita Warren. I was not doing so well in life. Anita rolled up her sleeves and got busy. Well, needless to say this counseling did the job, as I am back on my feet and winning at life. One of my biggest realizations was on the […]

Life Counseling Success Story

I came here with a question, and the answer–no matter what it was–would change my life indefinitely. I was uncomfortable in my own body: it was female, and I just had to be male. I was a straight woman, but felt deep down that I was a gay man. I decided, with the help of […]

Life Counseling and Sauna Detox

All of a sudden today I felt so amazing. Last night I completed my Life Counseling write-up and felt really good after writing it with also a big sense of relief/weight off my shoulders. At first I didn’t want to do it, but when I was done it was so cleansing.  I even slept so […]

Life Counseling Success

Anita helped me look back on things in my life that made me look at why I was not whole. It was important for me to look at my past so I could let out old “no good energy” (anger) and replace it with healthy good energy. I look forward to my future filled with […]

Fear of Driving

I went into session last Saturday. We ran two similar incidents. I really feel terrific and no longer afraid of driving on the highway. The fear I had was actually paralyzing. I would begin sweating, shaking, and feeling nauseous. I could not even maintain my foot on the gas pedal for more than a couple […]

Key incident

I had several hours of counseling yesterday. It was incredible! I realized that there was a key incident with my mother which made me withhold certain abilities in my art all my life long. I suddenly felt I could just go to it and paint and draw in a certain way that I had always […]

Artist's tools

Today was one of the most amazing days of my life. I am an artist but for 20 years I have not been able to paint even though I have the equipment, tools, tubes of paint — following me around from place to place, getting more and more brittle as the years pass. This afternoon […]

Afraid of life

I came here afraid of life. Never had a relationship, really, for I can’t count how many years. Now my head is clean. Now I AM, I am ALIVE, I have no regrets. I could not be more pleased with the results from the Life Counseling. You have all gone way out of your way […]


When I first decided to do the Life Counseling I was VERY skeptical. I couldn’t believe that there was an answer to my problem. I had reached a point in my life where I just didn’t care. I HAD to do something right away. I had read several testimonials and read some books on the […]

New realizations

One of many realizations that I experienced in Life Counseling was in the area of my career. Before my counseling sessions I was struggling to figure out what was my purpose in life and how could I be happy in general. I felt lost and confused with no direction. As I began my sessions and […]

Illness & Injuries

Like the spiritual healer of another age who said all was mind and forbade physical healing, the practitioner who says all is body and scorns mental healing is an extremist as well.  To heal man, one has to realize he is dealing with two things –the spirit AND the body.

Our techniques bring the person’s attention to the injured or ill body areas.  When attention is withdrawn from these body areas, so is circulation, nerve flows and energy.  Ancient healers used the “laying on of hands.”  This was probably simply heightening awareness of the affected area and restoring spiritual–physical communication.

A healing technique is that which is done to help alleviate a discomfort.  Effective techniques assist the spirit to confront physical difficulties.  The techniques we use are not medical treatment.  They are done in conjunction with medical treatment.  Our techniques help the person heal himself.

Multiple Sclerosis

After a series of stressful and traumatizing events, at the age of thirty seven years old I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. In order to facilitate my healing, I experimented with the standard conventional medical treatment of the immunosuppressant drugs. I started a regimen of bio-chemical vitamins, undergone sessions in vibrational medicine and participated in […]

"Improved dramatically"

Since becoming ill almost two years ago with hemolytic anemia I have had over 100 blood transfusions. Early this year in addition to the anemia I had fevers of unknown origin and emergency surgeries for removal of my gall bladder, and part of my large intestine. My prognosis and survival were questionable. Since I began […]

… lightens my soul

Recent sessions with Anita have been of tremendous help to me, releasing grief and pain from a motorcycle accident, the loss of my left leg, many surgical events, and the death of my parents. I also had a minor event with eye infection during her visit which she handled. Her many ‘assists’ and skills brought […]

Physical Healing and Pain Relief

[Disclaimer: Our counseling is not medical treatment. It is used in conjunction with medical treatment.] I have been receiving counseling from Anita Warren and have been having excellent consistent gains. An especially big gain for me was on a ‘paralysis assist’ used on my left arm which was paralyzed by a stroke I had last […]

Relationships & Marriage

Marriage counseling is intended to alleviate difficulties a couple is experiencing in the relationship by helping them to unburden their accumulated transgressions and secrets.  This is a special kind of counseling that gets results.  We guarantee that in one to two weeks, if both honestly participate in the counseling, that at the very least, they will become amicable.  We cannot predict whether the couple will choose to stay together or not, but we know that they will be satisfied in their decision.

Coming clean

The Marriage Counseling has helped to restore communication between myself and my spouse by having us ‘come clean’ with our transgressions and secrets, and taking responsibility for our actions. This has helped us open up to one another, making the lines of communication flow more freely. I feel closer to my partner than I have […]

We have a new life together

10 years ago K and I were nearing divorce. It was very hard for us to communicate without getting into an argument. A friend of ours told us about this “marriage counseling” program. Of course I had no interest in this because I was certain it would not work. My friend insisted we go and […]

Hadn’t really been happy …

Chris and I had been married for nine years and together for 13 when we got this “marriage counseling.” We hadn’t really been happy since early in our dating years, but somehow had stuck it out because we wanted to be together and kept HOPING it would work. In ONE WEEK of this counseling our […]

I hated my husband …

I hated my husband. It sounds awful, but I hated the sight of him. What I used to see as beautiful, strong, and full of integrity, I now hated. I didn’t want to look at him and the slightest communication would turn to battle. I wanted to leave him and find someone worthy of me. […]


I just had a big realization when I was in session with Anita. I have been arguing with my husband because of his past relationship. So I kept bringing that up to him. I totally got that handled in session tonight. What I was carrying around all this time didn’t have anything to do with […]