“Mary’s Integrity Program”

“There has been a lot of turmoil and controversy over the years on the subject of Ethics and Integrity.  In some practices, the term has become identified with punishment, power enforcement, and humiliation. As a result, the validity of the subject along with its many benefits has been left largely unapplied. Rather than trying to camouflage it under a different name, I would prefer to use the original term ETHICS boldly, and re-claim its proper place on the road to freedom–a better “game,” and the mastery thereof.  In our philosophy, Ethics is defined as “reason, and the contemplation of optimum survival.”  Survival implies persistence.  When we enter the realm of long term survival and persistence, we are entering the realm of the spirit.  HERE WE THOROUGHLY ADDRESS HOW WE HAVE CAUSED OUR OWN SELF-SABOTAGE.” – Mary

This program can be done here at the center in person or on Skype.