“Mary’s Integrity Program”

“There has been a lot of turmoil and controversy over the years on the subject of Ethics and Integrity.  In some practices, the term has become identified with punishment, power enforcement, and humiliation. As a result, the validity of the subject along with its many benefits has been left largely unapplied. Rather than trying to camouflage it under a different name, I would prefer to use the original term ETHICS boldly, and re-claim its proper place on the road to freedom–a better “game,” and the mastery thereof.  In our philosophy, Ethics is defined as “reason, and the contemplation of optimum survival.”  Survival implies persistence.  When we enter the realm of long term survival and persistence, we are entering the realm of the spirit.  HERE WE THOROUGHLY ADDRESS HOW WE HAVE CAUSED OUR OWN SELF-SABOTAGE.” – Mary

This program can be done here at the center in person or on Skype.

Teen Success on Skype

Our son, age 15, was having a really hard time in school.  He was usually either angry or very sad (turned inward and down on himself), and was unwilling to accept help. Instead, he would be angry with us for trying to help. We tried everything we could think of to encourage him to take […]

A Life Enhanced

During my trip to Coeur D’Alene, I had many wins that I will recall happily when I am back home. Thanks to the Sauna Program, I am drug and toxin free. Thanks to the Integrity Program I have a set goal to go to art school and become an animator. The processes run here have helped […]

Inspiring Me to Paint

I have to give my counselor, Anita Warren, credit for inspiring me to paint. I had not painted anything since 2004.   I am doing a counseling course called “New Beginnings,”  which is part of the Integrity Program.  Anita helped me set some goals for myself.  I had a burning desire to paint but nothing would come […]


Dear Mary, Thank you. Thank you for taking a chance on me. Thank you for breaking through my walls to reach the real me. Thank you for reintroducing me to the person I’d forgotten I was. Thank you for being the enemy of “my enemy” and therefore the best friend I’ve ever had. Thank you […]

It's About Viewpoint

I came here to deal with negative feelings of guilt, anxiety and self-doubt after leaving a 17 year marriage.  Taking the “Integrity Program” surfaced my enemy personality (Miss Perfect) which I realized has been affecting my relationships and communications most of my life.  I learned the important lesson that it’s about viewpoint, not about doing […]

The Power of My True Self

I’ve never really been aware of the power of my true self, for there has been a substitute personality taking control of me for so many years. She (being the negative personality) would take over when I felt angry, depressed, or weak because she knew she had an ability to make everything “better.” But that was […]

A Plan for a Successful Life

The Integrity and Ethics Program really laid out my own beliefs and morals.  It confirmed everything I already knew.  I love the way the program was designed to help give you the tools for life that are necessary for optimum survival.  During the program there were activities that helped to strengthen my skills and abilities […]

Integrity Review

When I first arrived here five days ago, I was in total despair. I had allowed people in a hostile work environment to walk all over me. I did not stand up to them, or hold my own, so as to get the learning experience. I didn’t even realize I was slipping into “enemy personality,” […]

I've "Tried" to Be Good

I’ve tried to be good… I’ve tried to please the gods…I’ve tried to be acceptable to the norms around me. Under all the efforts there was this idea:  Morals and Ethics seemed to be enforced upon me–like a threat of punishment.  This was either from outside for violating some agreement of what others thought I […]

The Enemy Within

I didn’t know that I was holding onto this “Enemy Personality” within me which was slaughtering me left and right. It was amazing to find out that this personality that I was holding onto was causing negative effects on me. All my justifications were to hold onto this personality so I wouldn’t need to face things […]