When I first arrived here five days ago, I was in total despair. I had allowed people in a hostile work
environment to walk all over me. I did not stand up to them, or hold my own, so
as to get the learning experience. I didn’t even realize I was slipping into
“enemy personality,” and becoming a victim. In session, as I picked apart feelings, emotions,
and viewpoints at that time, I really began to see that I was not my “true
self.” As I “fired” my “enemy personality” today, I became VERY emotional. I really
felt it slip away as I confronted it, and appointed my “true self” in charge.
Afterwards, I felt empowered! I am feeling more and more confident
that I will move forward and succeed in my future endeavors. I feel brighter.
I am regaining my power back, very quickly. Ready to move forward….. KH