I’ve tried to be good… I’ve tried to please the gods…I’ve tried
to be acceptable to the norms around me.
Under all the efforts there was this idea:  Morals and Ethics seemed to be enforced
upon me–like a threat of punishment.  This was either from outside for violating some agreement
of what others thought I should be, or my sometimes becoming the punisher of
enforcement. It was like the thoughts I get when
someone cuts me off while driving. It is not pretty or appealing to my basic sense of
good judgment, compassion and striving for joy…
High Integrity Living is about being the captain of your ship.  You knowingly correct your
course, in the various tides of life, to get to where YOU want to go. We all try to create effects, whether on self
or others. The funny thing is, now that
I can use my own judgment of what is survival, I find my life adventure one of
creating more compassion and joy effortlessly.
I love it. It just gets better. 
Simply put, I’m
GOOD and I know it. Thank you, Mary.