When my oldest child was 4 years old, I had noticed that he was changing. He seemed to be angry with me more and more often, and sometimes he had quite a temper! I couldn’t identify what had caused this change in behavior, so I wasn’t able to address the source of the problem. We took him in for some light counseling, and I was blown away by the changes in him! My sweet little boy was back! All the anger he had for me had completely dissipated. He was full of love and his communication to me really opened up. I was so happy! And it took less than 10 hours in session! The counseling was so light and affirming to him. He wasn’t made wrong for his earlier troublesome behavior. Instead, the counselor addressed him as a spiritual being, and the results were truly remarkable!  He loved his sessions so much that after his 3rd session he told me that he wanted to be a counselor himself when he grew up. After his 4th session, he said he wanted to teach others to be counselors, so that ‘all the bad guys can be good.’ I sensed a feeling of great relief in him. He was no longer at the effect of these negative impulses. My son is now a wonderful 9 year old boy. He is very loving to his entire family and he is one of my best friends. I have to say that this was one of the very best decisions I have ever made as a parent. — JJ