OT 1      10/6/11

I have just completed OT1. It is interesting that the process opens up a thetan’s space and you can then operate with more livingness and ARC in association with other beings. ARC RH


OT 1      10/18/11

While doing OT1 I had a wonderful cognition, “I AM A FREE BEING” and it’s TRUE. LRH tech is phenomenal! Thank you, Frankie, for spot on CSing and EFFORTLESS handling! Love, SL


OT 2       12/7/11

I am midway on OT2. I have blown lots of charge. This has caused me to act diferently toward others and they respond toward me in a way that never happened before. Before I would just blend in with the rest of the environment. Now people address me in a crowd. Also my IQ rises along with communication and confront. Things that really were bothering me badly as far as (for example) finances don’t effect me as hard. As a matter of fact I can now use the experence to my advantage which is a huge change. I see now exactly why and how people and the society are soooo screwed up. I understand the game of life much better. That’s just a few wins. There have been many but more importantly is that I see how important going up the bridge really is.  ARC, DY


OT 2     11/13/11

This level was awesome. My body has space and I have space. I had some major body adjustments in my sessions and I mean MAJOR! Frankie, without you, and your seamless CSing, I would be “not as free nor as bright.” My art will flow more than ever! And for that, Frankie, I love you! Les, thank you for being there! You are extremely knowledgeable in perfect ten! Anita, thank you! Thank you! I so adore you. Mary, you are so powerful as a being. All of you are. This location will ALWAYS be my spiritual recharge station. Love, SL



 OT 2   SEPTEMBER, 2012

I just finished OT2 – YEA!!  It felt so good to be able to audit myself solo everyday–getting my ruds in–blowing charge like digging a ditch deeper and deeper and being cause over my own case.  At first I felt, “Where is my auditor?”—but then I realized I AM THE AUDITOR HERE!  I have been Clear since 2002 and now in 2012 I realize why LRH said you are at risk, and to make it through OT2.  I had been getting all kinds of strange body aches for the last year and, of course, I would study and remedy it with herbs or such to some degree but then something else would come up. Little did I know where they were coming from.  When I started my first process I could not believe that the meter would blow down and I could feel charge come off. I would get so excited to have my next session to see what would happen. It was much different from getting auditing on NED… I wouldn’t really LOOK at anything… just blow the charge very quickly.  I would get my left neck pulling very tight for a few days then it would blow.  It would then get tight on the right side of my neck and eventually blow.  Then another here and there along with a fear or other emotion.  Well, after many hours of auditing, I finally reached the point when I felt calm, focused, no aches or pains.  I actually could not feel my body presence.  I was exterior and my needle was floating away.  This was a few days ago and I still feel wonderful–very talkative and enthusiastic again. I started playing the piano again with confidence.  I’d like to thank Frankie for saving me many times with the correct C/S when I got in trouble and did not know what to do.  And thank LRH for discovering and developing the correct processes and path to move on up. I look forward now to OT3. GV


OT 3        9/15/11

It was quite amazing to finally do this important level. I had several surprising wins in life. My ability to confront myself and others, even in uncomfortable situations, was very surprising to me. I handled a difficult situation with my son without getting sucked into it and with his having his own realizations at the end! Since I am not a pushy type, I tend to tolerate being pushed by others. No more. I gladly ended a multi year “friendship” with my former hiking buddy. Yet another person I had known casually remarked that he never used to care for me very much but now he thinks I’m a pretty good guy! This level really stabilized me, and pushed me into a new realm of self determinism. It’s crucial to have good guidance on OT3. Thank goodness the LEC team was always there. Frankie was indispensable in getting me through as quickly and easily as possible. I’m glad these are my friends. Thanks Ron! ML, RM


OT 3        11/29/11

My relationship with the MEST Universe has changed forever. I am reminded of the explanation of the title of the book Scientology 8-8008. I just took a big jump along that transition of the reduction of the apparency of the MEST Universe towards 0 and the increase of my universe towards infinity. My career is in Engineering and I had lots of training on the nuts and bolts of how the MEST Universe works. We learned lots of “laws”. I have studied lots of OT hatting lectures and at one point LRH talks about the liability of studying the MEST Universe too much and thus agreeing with it too much and therefore becoming more and more the effect of it. I felt I definitely went down this path too far. I did not see how I could get out of this. I learned a lot in Scientology but mostly people oriented. I had great gains working with people on all flows and felt much more cause in that area. But I still felt effect of things like atoms and energies and electromagnetic radiation and especially time. There were anomalies I was aware of in this certainty and solidity of the MEST Universe. I was mostly operating in engineering areas utilizing Newtonian physics and I was aware of the differences and conflicts with Einsteinian physics but I couldn’t confront it. Then a few years ago I was reading a book on computers wherein the author used lots of analogies. His analogy for computer memory blew my mind and was impossible based on my physics training–I couldn’t make the leap. It has bothered me ever since. I couldn’t slide off it like I had been on the Einsteinian physics earlier. It was in my face and it represented a different agreement. I knew these were agreements but I thought there had to be one, official set and it was cast in concrete for the duration of this universe. Finally on this OT level somehow enough “stuff” got cleared away that I could see what was going on. We really do postulate this universe on an ongoing basis and there can be different overlapping sets of agreements or even individual agreements. As an example, as I was finishing this level and since I have finished I am getting more done. Time is not what I thought it was–either as a flow or as points on the calendar or clock. Several times in the last couple of weeks I have gotten a ton done in a day. The stress is off it somehow–I don’t watch the clock and I just do what I wanted and get done and the time was there, because I decided it was. Similarly a very important cycle I wanted to come off on schedule did not happen on the appointed day. I did not care–I did not stress–I could have it either way – but I did not change my postulate. And then, it happened the next day–it was like a miracle. It is a new future and the possibilities are endless–literally, because it is just postulates and create by thetans which is itself unlimited. JL



OT 3 Completion 6/1/11

I was on OT3 for many months.  I was “on again off again” due to putting on a convention, due to moving, due to having lots of PCs, etc.  Dragging it out made the gains very subtle.  I was gradually changing but not realizing how profound the changes were.  Now and then I would have a big cognition, but not to realize the basic changes taking place in my beingness.  Now I step back and see the big picture.  This is totally my own subjective reality.  Those around me may see something different.  Before OT3 I was invalidating myself.  To some degree, I didn’t trust my own decision making.  Don’t get me wrong, I have been a Scientologist for 34 years, so I was better than I ever was before Scientology.  BUT, I had the (compulsive) idea it was smart to gather advice from others.  I would try to find out what others felt about things before deciding how I should feel.  I was getting approval from others, in a subtle way.  I was not so certain of myself.  While I was the the OT3 level, here is what happened:  I would have session cognitions followed by very subtle personality changes.  I gradually found it no longer necessary to talk so much.  I gradually found it not so necessary to explain my position, or the reasons why.  I could make my own decisions and choices without asking others’ opinions.  I could now ask MYSELF what I think instead of asking others what THEY think.  Not only is it more A to B, it feels right.  It is empowering.  I feel stronger, more powerful and more certain.  I communicate to be in ARC and to be productive–not because of a compulsive need to be social.  I can stay out of the “dramas”  of life.  I can answer a question “yes” or “no” without an explanation.  I can simply be me and focus on my work without apologizing.  I can admire the fact that we are all unique instead of trying to be like others.  I can make my choices according to what gives me joy.  Fortunately, I have been comfortable with my own goals for some time.  Therefore, my day to day choices consistently fit into my life. Life gets closer and closer to my ideal scene across MY dynamics.  This is nice!  Thanks to Frankie, Mary, and Les, for their patience and perseverance in getting me through this level.  It truly was a team effort.  I am now ready and eager to get onto my next level.  ML, AW


 11/19/12  OT 5 Comp

CS  Mary, Auditor Frankie.  Thanks to both of you:  This level revealed for me the true situation on Earth and how it can be and is being handled.  I can affect this and that makes me very happy.  Some of this was the level and sessions but also my life took dramatic changes during this time on pretty much all dynamics.  This was a reorientation for me.  On OT I through III, I got back a lot of energy and free theta, but on this level I got the true me reoriented and able to utilize it in the ways I always wanted to.  Quite a few areas of my life improved in remarkable ways during OT V.  Probably most valuable to me was being able to show up in key areas of my life that I had previously felt unable to participate in.  Now my confront is way up and I can orchestrate my life much more effectively and get much more of what I want done and happily ignore that which is less important.  Also I just get more done anyway.  My cause level is way up and my effect level is way down.  I can still play a game but I can keep it fun and spot what is wrong when it is not playable.  As an example, in one area of my life, there were problems affecting both me and my team.  During this level, I confronted the problem much more effectively.  Now the problem particle is gone and things are much improved.  Not only did my ability to spot and evaluate improve greatly, but the problem was removed easily.  And I learned much along the way.  At one point I causatively admired the problem person.  It cost me little or nothing to do it and helped me get to the ultimate solution.  Not only did this win occur directly but later I was able to coach another person into doing a very similar action and probably averted a divorce.  I know that going forward I am much better able to spot what is really going on and be effective in helping resolve it.  I am very happy I did this outside the church.  This is because more and more useful data is coming into my life and aligning with my purpose and approach to life.  It is my call and I decide what data to look at and what data to cast out.  I really feel like I am recovering my freedom across the board.  I am not hemmed in by certain restrictions by any church or organization.  I am free to decide and be.  This is how OT levels were meant to be.  I cannot say enough good things about Frankie and Mary and the Life Enhancement Center.  The setting is great and theta and conducive to case gain.  Both Frankie and Mary obviously have deep understanding of Scientology but not in a rote or procedural way as you would see in the church.  Instead they are in tune with the Scientology philosophy itself and just naturally apply it.  This is a great learning experience for me too – just watching them operate.  ARC, JL


OT 5 WIN  9/7/12

As I look back on my OTV auditing, I realize not specific wins I had, but the accomplishment of serenity achieved.  For me, it was like climbing a steep mountain, reaching the top and having the satisfaction of knowing you made it there and can now enjoy the views and stably be there.  It is blissful to remember what it was like to be there and be there again in present time.  ME


NOTs in Progress  2/4/13

I have been on NOTs now for about 8 hours and wanted to write my win. I have had a “condition” for as long as I can remember–that condition being knots in the muscles of my back. In the past my solutions to it have been muscle relaxers, stretching, yoga, a couple of drinks and such. For those of you who have never had your back out let me tell you it is VERY PAINFUL. On NOTs I have found out why I had so many problems with my back and let me tell you that no solution that has or would be given to me would have ever resolved my condition even if given to me by a doctor. The reason for the problem was both unknown to me and too incredible to be believed. But the proof is–did the problem resolve? The answer YES!!! And not only did the back problem resolve it had an added benefit that the resolution increased my awareness and put me in a better spiritual condition. I was not expecting to change as a person so soon. The speed, amount of case change, and the improvement as a person is amazing. There are several different aspects to the wins I have obtained including having more space, clearer thinking about life and the direction and solutions I have chosen, and my enthusiasm about continuing up the bridge to a higher state of being. My reach to continue this path has become stronger and more certain than any other part of my life. I want to thank LEC and Frankie, my auditor, for this gift. ARC RV





There is so much mystery attached to the OT Levels if you haven’t done them. I’ll admit it’s some pretty wild stuff! It’s true about how much charge you can blow in such a short time, but at the same time I thought it was easier than doing my grades. Even right off the bat, when doing the NOTS Drug Rundown, I was surprised at how much there was to gain even with all the previous drug handlings. Another early win related to pain–I’d had chronic pain, mostly in my back, for some years. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep, it would wake me up. Well, in one session, about 80% of it just blew! Go figure. In the end I am now at a new and much higher level of cause over myself and my environment. It kept building throughout, and then…. WOW. I would never have gotten through this without the high level of knowledge of Frankie and Mary, as they made sure the auditing correctly followed my case and originations. No where else for me! And Les and Anita for everything they do to also make LEC the most theta place on the planet. Thanks LRH for putting the tech there. R


WIN ON OT 5   1/14/12

This has been the funniest, easiest auditing I have ever done. I am finally, fully out of the church. I felt more in sync with Frankie, my auditor, than I ever had been with an auditor before. Mary is just as good but I needed to drop the last vestiges of the junk I had picked up in the church before I could hold up my end of the comm line. Between them, they have given me an entirely new outlook on the tech and the future. An easy, relaxed, on source, workable viewpoint that was always supposed to be there, but that the church lurched away from and drug us all away from.  As a result I am having huge wins on OT 5 and I need to go back to work for a couple of weeks before I can get back in. My universe is readjusting on a massive scale. Probably the biggest win is seeing clearly the effect I can have on a broad scale. Based on LRH lectures I had a pretty good concept of this, but it is different really seeing it play out in session. I am excited about the good effects I can create in multiple ways and on multiple dynamics. There is a calmness and understanding that has just never been there for as long as I can remember. I keep looking at areas or situations now and I cannot remember why that area ever bothered me. I have a new understanding of life. JL


OT 7   5/7/12

The dream of a lifetime has come true for me. No more doubt about what I am, who I am, and what I want to do with it. Barriers to my goals for future, gone.  Barriers to my existence, gone. I am free to create a future, a freedom without insanity, where love can flourish and peace and harmony can rule, and love is a part of everyone’s day naturally. In Ron we trust. My greatest gratitude to my auditor, Frankie, who’s patience and skill enabled me to achieve this order in my universe and free me from the doubts I’ve been living with. I am complete on OT VII. MF


OT WIN   2/29/12

(Leap Day—How appropriate)  I did not expect this.Yes, I thought this level would clean up the bad stuff on my track. But I didn’t realize it would give me a wisdom that I never had before. If I’d had this wisdom at the beginning of my track, I would never have had a track.Period. Blunt plain. Incredible. One of the biggest changes for me on this level was the morning I woke up with the pure thought, “Nothing is ruined! I can always create it again!” That thought should have trumpet fanfare and a 21-gun salute. It is a complete repair of the despair I have experienced on the track. This is SUCH a different viewpoint from the “Somebody done this to me!” attitude that I still carried in spite of so much auditing on the bridge to this point. I now know WHO done it and WHY and HOW, and it is totally within my capability to handle it.   HL



Starting this level because of so many make-wrongs and punishment in the church. Also, I had stayed “off” OT VI for 15 years because of the statement that my levels training had been completely wrong (“blind leading the blind”), and I knew that would be six months to a year of grueling grind…. But the training was very short but effective. The data was made quite clear, on a very good gradient. Then getting into session, first with an auditor, then with an auditor watching me solo, and then by myself was truly the right course of action. Though I had not touched a meter for twenty years, it went well. And the secret here is that you are validated for what you’re doing right instead of punished for what you are doing wrong. The meter with the auto reset on the TA was helpful too, taking the auditor’s attention off that “nudge it with the solo cans thumb” thing (LOL), thus having more attention free to put on the auditing. As to this group, it is very congenial, the environment is a key-out every direction you look, and there are people who come here and make progress on their path up the bridge. Thank you to everyone! Love, LM