Purification RunDown  1/19/12

This is the best body detox program!  I was surprised at what negative emotions were released.  The attitude of the group up here makes the wins come naturally.  I went way up the “attitude scale.”  I know this is said by many when they connect.  I could really be and feel the love for all. Its like the body and other games were so minor. I could see from this viewpoint that I have a responsibility from this high point of awareness.  I love being in a positive group. You get better gains by such connections. LEC is such a group. I’ve released the negative energy on some long standing conditions.  I found myself really willing to be with my body and I felt so connected and had “love” for all.  My viewpoint has been changed to one of action on life.  I love my life and I love your life, too!  RW aka “red lobster”



I went through life being programmed by other people.  Self Analysis helped me undo my life of being controlled by others.  I was critical of myself.  I always questioned my own decisions.  I was my own worst enemy.  I have become kinder to myself and less critical of my decisions about my life.  I have found a new freedom and I will remember only the important things over the years.  I don’t question myself as much anymore.  I like the person I have become and gotten to know, that I never knew until I came here to the LEC.  I read something just a few days ago, that fits how I feel now: “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.”  I will remember my last exam with Anita, pertaining to my attesting to ARC Straightwire. The end result for this is as follows: “Freedom from deterioration; knows he/she won’t get any worse.” This has helped me to heal from my past. I will always remember that yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift.   I feel that God has blessed me with wonderful people to help me through this journey.  I am grateful to my 2-D, who gave me this special gift.  I also appreciate Les, Anita, and Linda, who have helped me through this process of Self Analysis and helped me through the completion of ARC Straightwire.   God Bless all of you and the LEC.  JF




I felt that I really benefited from the Self Analysis course. It took me places where I had not been since the incident. When I’m in my own valence, I could recall things thru my own eyes. While wearing an enemy valence there’s confusion and it’s difficult to have a recall. I found in my “personal emotion recall” there were many happy times I had forgotten, especially things that were connected to all the senses such as touch, smell, sound, and sight. There were some of these recalls I didn’t realize that I also had charge on. I had so many stored memories that I had long forgotten. After the auditing sessions, I became more and more aware of true self. I did not enjoy wearing the enemy valence plus when I did this I was nothing but particles of other people and not true self. Self Analysis helped me peel off those layers of charge I had been carrying around all my life. I feel like I have a new freedom that I have never experienced before. For the first time I am able to stand on my own without being influenced by someone else. I can be my own creative person. Every day that I was taking Self Analysis, I was taking steps forward to becoming true self and the person God intended me to be. Many thanks to my special 2-D who made Self Analysis possible for me. I also want to thank Linda Noble for many hours of working with me plus special people, Anita Warren, and my auditor, Les Warren. JF



Every trip up here gets better and better. Just catching up on my sleep was worth the trip. The sound business advice from Les has given me a new inspiration to go home and give ‘er ****! THEN throw in a couple of auditing sessions that have changed my way of looking at life forever. I’d say all in all it’s been our best vacation yet. Thanks again, Les and Anita. You guys are the bomb. FD



Prior to coming here, I had major feelings of unhappiness and frustration for months. With only a few short hours of auditing with Anita, I was back to my old self. In what seemed like a major task ahead of me in repairing what was wrong, Anita made it effortless. I feel alive again! Not only did I have major wins in the auditing chair, I had major wins with other activities as well. The environment here makes auditing so very easy for me! I can go back to my own environment feeling confident again! KD



I just finished getting audited at Frankie Freeman’s. I recommend it highly. The new place is just great … a bit of immediate key out. The view is absolutely beautiful. It is removed from city noises and distractions–a great place to get your auditing. I came here “confused and going in a lot of directions,” but thanks to Frankie’s auditing and Mary’s interviews, I left with a nice concise plan–something I can do! (It was a nice comfortable time.) Here I am at home, taking the necessary steps–getting ready for my next trip to Idaho. Yours truly, FR



Here I am with open eyes to what is here right now, seeing what needs to be done today so I can make my tomorrow. JM

OBJECTIVES     12/7/11
I have such a new appreciation for my environment now! I feel very certain
that I can change, have, admire, and duplicate everything around me well.
Present time is even more splendid and reminds me that life truly is a wonderful
joyful game to play! Thank you to my awesome (student) auditor, Khoi (from Australia), and to Les
and Anita, Frankie, and Mary for running the LEC with love and granting
beingness to everyone. LN

ARC SW  3/16/12

During my auditing I realized that I am able to look at points on my track with the knowingness that I don’t have to “sink” back into the past. I realized that “fear” is the bank, and I know that I am not my bank. That was set up as a survival mechanism that I don’t need anymore. ARC SW really freed ME up and I KNOW that I only can become better as myself in this and future lifetimes. I had some really fantastic auditing! Thanks Les, Jeff, and Anita! BP


ARC SW      11/16/11

The enlightenment is unbelievable. I feel wonderful. I truly feel lighter and look forward to more. GM


ARC SW      11/24/11

Working with Anita on the ARC Straightwire processes, I had tremendous wins. Several small wins leading up to huge wins have brought me such great relief. At this point, I have a feeling that I cannot explain. It is almost like a feeling of calmness. I feel stronger and more knowledgeable. My eyes have been opened to an awareness I have never took the time to look at. I AM the person I was meant to be. Love Anita and her abilities. She has brought me to a place I have never been. I love it here! KD


CLEAR  7/23/12

This past week has been the most awesome productive and exciting time I have spent in my whole 27 years in Scientology. The Ethics and Integrity Program has allowed me to see who I actually am and who my real enemy has been. Then to see, understand, and know that I had attained the state of Clear some fifteen years ago is just so great. I can only say that I FEEL NEW LIFE. Les, thank you so much, and thank you, Ron.  JLG


CLEAR  7/23/12 

Peaceful, quiet, stillness. These are the words I would use to describe my universe right now. It hasn’t been that way for quite some time. I am Clear. We’ve known this, but what wasn’t fully known was WHEN that occurred. The resurgence I’d expected to feel when we’d confirmed this state previously, came flooding in THIS TIME. All of the noise in my universe disappeared and I felt myself arrive in present time. It is an amazing feeling! I truly can’t say enough about the auditing I receive from Mary Freeman. I go into each session knowing with full certainty that she really cares and will help me get through whatever it is I’ve come to handle. Her mastery of the Tech is pure genius. Mary, you have my deepest admiration and gratitude. Thank you so much for not giving up on me and for helping me navigate my way to freedom. Love, CL



Through some amazing auditing and persistence, I’ve finally achieved THE STATE OF CLEAR. To finally have acknowledgement of this state is very special. When it happened, it literally “popped.” At first, I was reluctant to let it happen–but I let that go and POP! I’m excited to see what I can create now in my universe! With no need for the creation of the bank I really feel like I am myself again, and I can handle what comes my way. My ears are still humming (in a good way)! There is clarity of thought and a great peace of mind. Thanks to LEC: Les, for the perfect auditing for me; Anita, perfect support and encouragement; Frankie, my perfect C/S. Teamwork definitely got me this far! And LRH! BP


CLEAR     10/31/11

Wow! The DCSI (Dianetic Clear Special Intensive) was great! Wow! I want to thank my auditor, Les Warren, for being such a great terminal and auditor. I also want to thank Anita Warren for the Sauna Detox as well. Everyone here has just been great! What a wonderful experience! HF


CLEAR       9/15/11

Well, I realized that I was the one mocking up and creating my own reactions. Once I realized that I am responsible for what I put there, my case resolved. It was magical, that of course, who else is doing that but me? I can control or not at will. ARC



I’m having some unexpected wins! I’m noticing a new dimension of communication with my patients…. I thought it could be related to nursing school… and, yes, it is partially so… but my Theta reactions to the enturbulated comm is NOT school…. I’ve been diffusing en-comm to myself, and my co-workers…. just by my presence/injection of theta comm…. and it isn’t “wow! I’m theta! Look at me!”… it’s  just my “bubble” of theta, and a great ability to be the comm; mine, the patients, and my co-workers…. One of my patients told me that she and her roommate can’t wait for my shifts on weekends…. because when I’m there, I “make things possible!” When I’m not there…. there’s too much randomity for them, and they don’t feel secure/sure in their care….WOW! I’m giving all that credit to my auditing! REALLY! 6 months ago, I had an idea of what effects I could create, but now they’re so subtle and powerful. I don’t DO anything, just BE the calm… and my patients feel the difference. That’s a huge, huge ability in my field of work. Thanks Les! BP


Somewhere between my last session and finishing the grade, I realized that there had been a gentle shift in my universe. At work, I was handling any number of comms from a dozen or so people at once and that wasn’t always a pleasant experience… now, though, there doesn’t seem to be any stress involved. I work weekend double shifts, and one of my patients told me, “you realize, don’t you, that we can’t wait for you to get here on weekends because when you’re here, you make things possible.” WOW! All I feel I’m doing is listening, acknowledging, and following up on their comm–it was then I saw that there had been a huge shift. Another great win was on flow 0. A “willingness to permit myself to communicate” doesn’t mean I have to spill my guts about everything to everyone all the time! I feel I now have the ability to grant myself the permission to communicate when I feel it’s right to. I feel a great relief in not having so MUCH attention on communication all the time. It just flows effortlessly now. Thank you! BP



I’m having some unexpected wins! I’m noticing a new dimension of communication with my patients…I thought it could be related to nursing school…and, yes, it is partially so…but my theta reactions to the enturbulated comm is NOT school…I’ve been diffusing en comm to myself, and my co-workers…just by my presence/injection of theta comm….and it isn’t “Wow,  I’m Theta! Look at me!”…its’ just my “bubble” of theta, and a great ability to be the comm: mine, the patients, and my co-workers…One of my patients told me that she and her roommate can’t wait for my shifts on weekends…because when I’m there, I “make things possible!” When I’m not there…there’s too much randomity for them, and they don’t feel secure/sure in their care…WOW! I’m giving all that credit to my auditing! REALLY! Six months ago, I had an idea of what effects I could create, but now they’re so subtle and powerful. I don’t DO anything, just BE the calm…and my patients feel the difference. That’s a huge, huge ability in my field of work. Thanks Les!  BP



All Les had to do was ask me the question about helping myself & KABOOM!  I unmocked each and every “problem” I have ever had, have, or will have.  I also cognited on how I’m able to help others “dismantle” their problems (I don’t actually tell them what I’m doing, though).  Pretty amazing stuff!  Over a decade ago I had a hugely fantastic exterior experience while receiving objectives…. Les was able to help me rehab that amazing experience.  Now I have it in present time.  Thanks!  BP



While reading the “end phenomena” for each flow on this grade, I felt a calmness and a knowingness that the “hostilities and sufferings of life” are definitely handled.  I just don’t feel the need to be that person anymore.  Whew!  ARC, BP



I just had my first solo session. WOW! WOW! WOW! Thanks to Les, Anita, Mary and Franklin!  HF