After completing the tech drills on Solo I, I was completely prepared for Solo II.  In Solo II, I had the most fun I have ever had.  I never knew I could have so much fun by myself.  I was smiling, smiling, and smiling and the needle was F/Ning, F/Ning, and F/Ning.  I have the feeling I am the best auditor in the world and proud of my PC.  In Solo II, I not only used the tech for auditing but another very important part–how to correct mistakes which I made during session.  I was curious:  ‘Why did i make mistakes when I know perfectly the tech?’  And realization came to me–I am doing that for fun or for having a game.  I am not OTXV and don’t know a better game.  After Solo II, I have certainty I will not have any problem doing OT levels.  I also want to say it is very important to continue training and auditing without stopping, for it will be faster.  Thank you very much to those who helped me in Solo I and Solo II.  A special thank you to my daughter, she brought me to Scientology. And a special thank you to my son-in-law who brought me to the Independent Field.  AND not only did he help me in doing drills, he was my chauffeur.  He brought to me some new ideas and realizations that I use in my life now.  We were together on course for five hours and driving two hours.  He was joking, “I spend more time with you than with my wife.”  At the beginning my body was in very bad shape and without him I never could start Solo I.  Thank you very much to Frank.  He helped me with the drills and gave more understanding of why we do them.  Now I know the tech very deeply.  Thank you, thank you, thank you very much Anita and Les.  They are special people.  They gave me permission to stay in their house for a few months at the beginning when I had a problem with my body.  They never raised their voices at each other.  I was a witness for 24 hours for months.  I couldn’t believe this is possible for a 2D.  Because of that they could create very good, perfect environment in courses and auditing.  Thank you very much for your help, for your very high professionalism that makes me and other people go up the bridge very fast.  I want to recommend them to everybody.  This starts a new civilization.  MP