by Mary Freeman

Recipe for creating a Reactive Mind: Add water and stir…..

The three ways to create a bank are

1) Creating overt/motivator sequences,

2) Out ethics

3) Service Facsimiles (fixed ideas that enforce and resist what is).

These ingredients are always available for anyone to use, so long as you are playing the game. They are above the Bank, and serve as the three primary ways to avoid responsibility, thereby putting you at effect of your life.

Using the Tech by auditing out areas of charge, makes it easier to keep Ethics in, while using Ethics in turn, makes it easier to get Tech in. Training also greatly increases KRC on the game, and makes it more playable. These tools all work together to keep life sane and up tone, not perfectly but very workably.

The biggest barrier to production is human emotion and reaction. The most direct path to a successful happy life is Ethics.

The biggest barrier to stable case gain is the overt/motivator sequence. Using overts to solve problems always pulls in motivators and leads to the next problem (usually worse than the one you are ’solving’). The best way to avoid piling up overts and motivators is using pan-determinism (ethics).

The biggest barrier to maintaining pan-determinism and optimum survival – is abandoning your own True Self Viewpoint. And True Self moves off at the point where complaining moves in. Complaining (in your head) is merely resisting what is, and therefore preventing as- isness. (This is where fixed ideas take over.)
Therefore, charge keeps building up by resistance, opening the door to more overts and motivators, and thereby more problems. This is the Slippery Slope which leads directly to creating a reactive mind, which specializes in resisting rather than confronting your way through life. Even apathy is a form of resistance at the level of complete not-isness.
How do you start confronting? Stop complaining! As soon as you do that, responsibility automatically takes over.
Many people have learned about how to make postulates work for you rather than against you. For example, the book/movie called “The Secret” utilizes these factors by teaching you how to focus your attention on what you want instead of what you don’t want. It is the same basic principle here which emphasizes how powerful your thoughts are in bringing about what you experience as reality.
Complaining is focusing on what you don’t want, by resisting what you need to confront in order to move forward in your life. Try focusing on what you want instead, and keep that going!

Charge = Resistance. Resistance consists of mocking up or agreeing to a reality and then trying to not-is or resist it by force, rather than as-ising it by confronting. Confronting is having the willingness to experience what you are resisting, agreeing to or creating.

In auditing, the more you confront, the more charge or resistance is taken off the case, and this basic mechanism takes over as natural law. So your attention naturally focuses on what you want to manifest in your life. That’s why your life starts improving.

Practicing this basic law of existence helps you get back to your own true self/cause viewpoint and takes you off the slippery slope to self-negation and victimhood.

The irony here is that unwanted realities are only on your plate because you created or agreed to them in the first place (quite possibly because they represented a game or a challenging lesson or puzzle).

After all, in the Axioms we see that Life poses problems for its own solution, which IS the Game. So resisting with the left hand what you are putting there with your right hand makes the unwanted reality more solid, and weakens the power of your preferred postulates.

Doing what you are doing when you’re doing it is way more fun. You are the author of your own book, the painter of your own picture, the composer of your own symphony, the creator of your own game.

Mary Freeman