For those familiar with the spiritual counseling “tech” of LRH, the information on this page will be helpful. For those without this frame of reference, the other pages on this site will explain in layman’s terms how we can accommodate your needs.

We offer the entire “Bridge” including advanced spiritual levels and the purification program.  We realize there are some various “versions” in the sequence of the steps as changes were made through the years.  We will discuss the sequence changes with you and tailor your program to be standard as well as personalized.

Review Auditing

Here at LIC, Mary specializes in “review auditing.” We help people who have newly become “independent.”  A few hours of review and you will gain certainty.  Then you can go forward. 



Training is done on an individual basis.  We can train people to deliver solo sessions to themselves before embarking on the advanced spiritual levels.  

We also train people to counsel and facilitate others through the various levels of enlightenment.  We will discuss this with you privately if you have an interest.  





Mary and Frankie Freeman

Mary and Frankie were trained on the ship by LRH. Mary specializes in an Ethics and Integrity Program as well as the advanced spiritual levels.  You can contact Mary at

Sadly for us, Frankie passed away in 2017 at 77 years old after a lengthy illness.  We enjoyed his friendship for many years.  He had an amazing sense of humor.  We miss him. 

Mary began her spiritual journey in NY in the 60’s and immediately went on staff. After comprehensive training, she held various technical positions.  She went to St. Hill in England where she did the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course and Class VI Course and Internship. From there she attended the first Advanced Organization on the flagship under LRH, and then continued her own upper spiritual levels in Edinburgh, Scotland. From there she was sent to the flagship in Corfu, Greece, to do the first Class VIII Course directly under LRH. It was there that Ron said that a Class VIII can put Ethics in anywhere on the planet, and Mary took that pretty literally. After that she was the first Class VIII Case Supervisor of the NY Organization, and later Celebrity Center NY and LA. She also did many other highly technical training courses and she held many highly technical positions.  She completed the Ethics Specialist Course which set her up for expanding on the “Ethics Conditions” later.  After resigning from the organization in 1983, she studied and worked under David Mayo, meanwhile expanding on the “Ethics Conditions” as they apply personally to individuals. Using standard LRH tech, she organized a comprehensive “life changing” personal Ethics Program, which she still delivers on a regular basis.

Mary’s Interview 1984

In memory of Frankie, he attended the first Class VIII Course, as well as other technical courses under the direction of LRH. He worked directly for Ron on the ship and on missions, and was highly commended for his successful results. He was the first permanent Class VIII. Franklin also helped LRH establish the Land Base in Clearwater, Florida. He was Senior Case Supervisor at AOLA, and held other senior technical positions in Clearwater, Florida, as well as Diana Hubbard’s personal counselor. Franklin also specialized in training others, for both solo and professional work.