Our son, age 15, was having a really hard time in school.  He was usually either
angry or very sad (turned inward and down on himself), and was unwilling to
accept help. Instead, he would be angry with us for trying to help. We tried
everything we could think of to encourage him to take responsibility for his
chores and school work: nagging, being extremely strict, extremely
understanding, making agreements/plans, being helpful, disinterested,
threatening, rewarding, etc.  My husband and I are pretty smart people.
I can honestly say that we tried every method we could think of to help him,
but saw no consistent improvement.  I felt like, underneath all the “angry,”
there was a loving, happy boy trying desperately to come out.  Well, let me
tell you, we invested in the Ethics and Integrity Program via Skype with
Anita, and she FOUND HIM!  –or helped him find himself.
Our son is happier and taking more everyday responsibility.  His teachers
and counselors noticed a major difference in his attitude and behavior. He’s
still working on breaking some bad habits, but now HE wants to break them,
and asks for, and (gratefully!) accepts help. He even sat down and had a
rational, reasonable conversation to make an agreement on his
responsibilities so I can back off a bit and let him be in charge of his
schoolwork. He is the loving, happy boy we knew he could be/wanted to be.
To other parents of teens — I can’t say enough good things about the
program. Be sure to honor the privacy of your child, giving them a quiet,
private place to Skype where you promise not to interrupt, even if dinner is
ready. It’s worth it. Don’t wait. TA