When I began the “Drug Rehab Program,” I had no idea what to really expect. I knew that I would get something
out of it, though. When I came, I thought I felt good already my first day here. I
had over a month clean and had already begun to start feeling almost back to my
normal true self. I had no idea the transformation that was in store for me. The
real start of the renewing of the new me began after I completed the sauna detox
program and knew the drugs have really left me forever! The rest of the time
here I really began to grow into the real me again who I had lost when I began
drugs. With all the processes, drills, and sessions, I began to feel more
confident and happier everyday. Anita told me before I got here that everyone’s
always happy and walks around smiling all day.  I have to be honest–I thought
that was crazy. Now I have experienced first hand that this is true. I am happy
now and so excited for the future and I do not get stressed out and I do not
allow negativity to come into my life anymore. I am back in control over my
Although I feel amazing
now, I do know, and am aware that the real challenge is waiting for me at home
when it’s back to reality and real life. I am so excited to go home with a whole
new confidence and attitude towards life. I can’t wait to use the new tools I
have learned here and really put them into action. I am ready to take on the
challenge and use my strength to strive only for the best and never settle for
anything less. I am done with settling and know I am better than that.
My three year old son is my
life.  He helps me strive to be the best mom I can be. I have realized that if you really
only worry about yourself, everything else falls into place. It only
takes one to make a difference in this world.  It’s quite simple–it’s called
the domino effect. The world really is at your fingertips. What steps will you
leave behind in the end? I know I want to be someone my son can be truly proud
of. Saying it is one thing putting into action is another. I’m looking forward
to proving my strength. HC